A little peace of mind for everyone.

Logic behind the idea.

Every time you see a motor vehicle, you are awestruck, its beauty and its practicality. Be it a motorcycle or a four-wheeler, everything needs a check-up and a routinely service done. In our country, this is a major issue. We have the most critical problems, bad roads, poor built quality of automobiles and the problem of harmful emissions from them. To address to this call of both the nature and humans, I present to you We care Service.

The idea that matters.

Remember the lockdown? It was a tough time for both people and their automobiles. The machines were hardly used which made them faulty to work. After the lockdown lifted, the common folk were terrified to take their automobiles to a regular service station as that could lead to high charges. They are often confused as to where to go? An authorized service center which is expensive or a local mechanic which is cheap but not safe for the vehicle itself.

During this time, We Care will just do that, the app on a user’s device could schedule an appointment with our trained staff who will then take care of the vehicle. This would a good proposition as the costs will be kept low as compared to the brand’s service center. The customer shall be confident for his vehicle and paying less for the same.

Managing the scenario

For starters, workers who have previously been working at an authorized service center and those who have experience working as a mechanic will be hired. Every solution to vehicles would be given. Be it regular servicing, repair work, polishing or deep cleaning. Slowly as the business increases, we would try to buy the service arm of various brands at specific cities. This would be profitable to the company.

Everything will function through a single app present on both of the android and iOS software’s. The UI will be built in a seamless way so that the consumer finds it very easy to book an appointment for whatever needs they have. Once a consumer arrives with his vehicle at the outlet, the vehicle will be serviced in front of the consumer. If the consumer wishes to sit and relax, a whole dedicated customer lounge with refreshments will be available to them. The customer may leave if he/she wants to. Apart from this, every outlet will have two-three tow trucks to help customers who are stuck due to vehicle breakdowns.

Market Demand

Most of the public has a motorcycle or a car available at it dispenses. The demand for automobile servicing is high but it is equally compensated by a tough competition from both brand service centers and third-party retailers. We try to beat this competition by pricing very aggressively and hoping on consumer returns after a premium service.

Those who will benefit from our company

Our target customers will primarily be the common man who wishes to keep his vehicle fully efficient. However, we also aim for corporates and MNC’s who maintain a large fleet of chauffer driven vehicles. Apart from this, the growing Electric vehicle start-up’s need someone to service their vehicles regularly. High end cars and bike owners will also be given premium service.

Technologies to be used.

The main technology used will be the We Care WebApp. It will link us directly with our customers. The UI will have the function to locate the nearest outlet to them with a Google Maps platform API. Apart from the usual stuff the app will also display information regarding the prices of various services. The WebApp will enable us to link with all the cross platforms like (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS etc.)

The plan is to use newly launched Swift as the frontend framework. Swift will be very efficient on complying with other software’s. The backend framework will be completely done in Django. Our servers will be running a API and serve data to all the customer devices.

Here is the list of everything which is to be used:

1. Swift framework: a frontend framework

2. Django: a web framework (Python) to be used as a backend framework

3. Google Map Platform: A platform that brings every outlet location near to the customer.

Computational Solution

Users →Devices →←We Care servers → ←Google maps Platform

Estimated Budget for the idea.

Although it isn’t very simple deciding a specific price for all types of vehicles that come to our outlet, (considering the number of types of vehicles arrive) every service will be priced to the lowest limit possible. We will try to procure spare parts and equipment’s directly from the manufacturer to keep the costs in check. A membership plan will also be in place wherein customers will be given limited insured services for a specific time period. A pickup and drop facility is also provided which will be billed separately. High end cars and expensive bikes will have dynamic pricing based upon the customer feedback. Special discount on festival days and voucher distribution will be done to regular customers

Marketing and advertisements

Shortly after the rollout of the action plan, we would run advertisements on popular platforms like YouTube, Google Feeds and social media handles. Newspaper and other printed advertisement campaigns will also be run for a brief period. To make things more interesting, an introductory price would be launched for all customers for a reduced price. This will be done to attract large number of customers.

Risk analysis

Whenever a start-up is idea is executed, it is often done with risks kept in mind. Here are some for the idea above. It will be very critical to sit between the price bracket of an authorized service center and a local mechanic. Pricing will play a key factor is deciding the fate of We Care services. Starting in a Tier 2 or a Tier 3 city will be beneficial. Apart from this, there is significant competition from both small and big scale service providers. Our premium service and action based on customer feedback will be our hope for distinguishing from them. Organizing car and bike rallies for our loyal customers will attract more public to us.

Milestones and Timelines

· We will start in a tier two or three city as cited above and then based upon customer feedback will start to include more diverse services.

· If we grow in the city by a significant profit, we will expand to the Metros and buy service wings for numerous reputed auto makers.

· We plan to do this by 6 months. After this we will start to expand to other parts of India hiring both trained as well as rookie staff as workers. They will be trained and encouraged to work as per the customer’s choice.

· After two years of operation, we plan to expand to every nook and corner of the country largely by setting up small workshop stations, each of them connected to a regular outlet.

· When we succeed all of this, we would professionally handle all the service related to auto parts throughout the country by buying the research wings of every brand.


Although this idea may seem a bit too much and overpowering at the same time, all ambitions and ideas are unique and beautiful in their own way. However, imagine a country where all your auto needs are a one stop shop anywhere in the country. And that is We Care!

a mechanical engineering student and hence machines!!